To our surprise we have had an influx of storms around here lately! Ice, snow, rain, wind, dirt all of these have simply erupted around us quite often. It has been crazy. One day is one storm followed by a few hours of peace then bam the next storm jumps right in. It has ruined so many different plans lately. It is so sad. As you can tell my social calendar is very important to me and I hate to put any sort of damper on that! I love getting to go out with friends and family. Well one of these last unexpected storms reallyRead More →

Well this past weekend was a great adventure for me. I got to do some really fun things. First, the weekend started off by a great trip to Frisco for some great shopping and lunching with friends. We went to the Stonebriar Mall and had a blast. So many different shops all in one area is very dangerous for the bank account.  I swear we spent at least 4 hours in the mall, and I really don’t want to think about the dent I put in our accounts; however, completely worth it! Next we searched for a great place to take a few scenic pictures. OneRead More →

After weeks of terribly hormonal weather it looks as though we are going to have an amazing stretch of fabulous weather! And might I just say, it is about dang time! I am now challenged with the task of planning a young girls birthday party, and it needs to be a party for a princess. Everyone knows that the first thing a girl needs to feel like a princess is a great dress and an amazing spa treatment. However, before we can even get there, every princess needs to arrive in style. Since I had an abundance of time sitting in my house through theRead More →

These past few months have been some of the craziest weather. One day it is freezing, then raining, then sunny, then gloomy. It has been a whirl wind of emotions with the weather, and has really prevented me from being able to plan any sort of activity during spring break or even the weekends surrounding it. I have rescheduled pictures and several different outings. It is time for some beautiful weather. I am ready to be able to be able to plan day trips to the zoo, parks, gardens, and camp grounds. Spring is here so let me go play! One of my favorite things isRead More →